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Using your image or video, Creative Blueprints can quickly generate multiple customized ads.

Personalized, Versatile Design



Greyhound needed to make quick and relevant ads that could keep up with their daily ticket sales. They partnered with AdParlor’s Blueprints tool to create ads that dynamiclly changed locations and daily ticket offers keeping their ads up to speed.

The Variable Layers Used:
above ROAS benchmarks
Geo-relevant text beat ROAS benchmark by more than 3X
Static link creative beat ROAS benchmark by more than 7X

Hill’s Pet Nutrition wanted to raise awareness for their pet adoption event. Creative Blueprints was used to generate customized carousel ad units unique to each of the 56 participating animal shelters. Resulting in over 11k pets adopted.

The Variable Layers Used:
unique people reached
were likely to recall seeing the ad
pets were adopted

What Makes Blueprints Different?

Blueprint Difference: No Design Guess Work
No Design Guess Work

You don’t need to fumble with another DIY tool. Blueprints are designed to make your results look good no matter what.

Blueprint Difference: Built For Scale
Built For Scale

Not just a mom n’ pop tool. Blueprints can scale your creative locally or globally based on your business needs.

Blueprint Difference: Export Directly To Social
Export Directly for Advertising

Send your final creatives to any platform with one click and get your campaigns running in no time.